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The Next Generation PRP


The SELPHYL® System

Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) – Next Generation PRP

The SELPHYL® System is designed for the safe and rapid preparation of Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) from a small sample of blood at the patient point of care. Many PRP systems require operator skill, have varying results and have extensive contamination with red blood cells and white blood cells. SELPHYL® removes virtually all contaminating cells and is independent of operator technique. PRP is converted to PRFM through a controlled process, creating a scaffold that serves to protect and preserve platelets. Think of SELPHYL® PRFM as the next generation PRP. It’s the first of it’s kind, but it’s already been rigorously tested and is producing lasting skin enhancements.

The SELPHYL® System provides the exact amount of Calcium Chloride to PRP producing Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix. Other systems produce PRP, not PRFM. Fibrin matrix creates a three dimensional scaffold to maintain the platelets at the site of injection and allows for sustained growth factor release, migration of stem cells and reservoir for regenerative signaling.  Studies have shown that platelet growth factors are released for up to seven days, supporting collagen production and increased vascularization, which results in overall skin improvements.

Offer the best in emerging aesthetic technologies, with the SELPHYL® System in your practice. Our professional team of cosmetic device representatives can show you how to properly use and implement this procedure into your practice. We offer cosmetic device rentals in Los Angeles and beyond and can also arrange for the purchase of the best laser device, both new and pre-owned. SELPHYL® PRFM process is simple and the entire procedure takes approximately 30 minutes. While results can be achieved with just one treatment, additional treatments are generally recommended. See below how this next generation of Platelet-rich plasma procedures will exponentially improve results for clients, while increasing revenue for your practice.
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