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Amnio Aesthetics is committed to providing the highest-quality regenerative amniotic products, centrifuges, other biological products to providers in the fields of medical aesthetics and wellness.  Amniotic products are ideal for cosmetic applications because of their high concentration of multiple growth factors involved in tissue growth and regeneration. The avascular, low immunogenic, anti-inflammatory properties of amniotic membrane make it valuable for clinical research or further manufacturing purposes in a wide range of regenerative or aesthetic applications.


Amniotic grafting products are used to heal acute and chronic wounds, burns, ulcers, corneal injuries, and numerous orthopedic applications.  Although they have not yet been used extensively in cosmetic surgery, their success in these other applications suggests that there are many ways in which these products will enhance results and speed healing times for cosmetic patients.

Our products are derived from human amniotic membrane that is obtained from the placenta after live child birth.  The layers of the placenta are rich in collagen types I, III, IV, V, and VII, contain structural matrixes (ECM) like fibronectin, laminins, proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans, and have high concentrations of growth factors.  These attributes provide an excellent structure for skin cellular migration and proliferation.  Because the innermost amniotic layer of the placenta is in contact with the fetus throughout its developmental stages, grafts obtained from this layer contain a myriad of growth factors, cytokines, and extracellular matrix proteins that are biologically beneficial for tissue regeneration.

Besides suppressing pro-inflammatory cytokines, amnion secretes large amounts of B-defensins, SLPIs (secretatory leukocyte proteinase inhibitor) and elafin, all of which reduce microbial activity.  The human placenta from which our products are derived produces no HLA antigens (A,B,C or beta-2 microglobulin) because of a lack of viable epithelium cells, making it one of the most non-immunogenic materials.


Easy to Use

  • Cryopreserved as a sterile, frozen liquid shipped overnight in an easy-to-open vial
  • Melts into a viscous liquid simple to inject where desired
  • Easy to draw and administer with a syringe and 20-gauge or larger hypodermic needle
  • May be applied directly to skin layers or tissue
  • May be used according to physician discretion
  • Compact tissue storage freezers available


Quality Assured Anti Aging Procedures 

  • Natural, biologic alternative to synthetic products
  • Derived from live, healthy, prescreened donors after live child birth
  • Donor Screening: Our tissue is recovered from living donors that are tested and qualified after a full-term pregnancy and during a scheduled C-section. Our processor is thorough in their screening and testing process to ensure patient safety
  • Donor selection and amniotic tissue recovery and processing procedures meet or exceed all applicable medical industry standards
  • Products undergo independent sterility testing
  • Products are free of MHC class II antigens that are normally associated with the immune response


Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

  • Down-regulating TGF-B receptor expression by fibroblasts
  • Contains important growth factors and proteins including PGE2, WNT4, GDF-11, PDGF, VEGF, EGF, FGF and TGF-B
  • Composed of collagens and structural proteins that may support angiogenesis, tissue growth, and collagen production during tissue regeneration and repair
  • High concentrations of PGE2. Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) is secreted by mesenchymal stem cells in response to injury.  This molecule modulates immunity by converting macrophages to the phenotype that secretes IL-10
  • High concentrations of WNT4.  The WNT4 protein is implicated in cell proliferation
  • Contains GDF-11, a growth factor specific to amniotic tissues
  • Available and Shipped frozen. Product recommended storage -80 C
  • Human allograft under FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 1271 and section 361 of the PHS
  • Immune-privileged with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties
  • A rich source of growth factors, proteins, cytokines, hyaluronic acid, and collagen scaffolds
  • Contains extracellular matrix components for cellular attachment and proliferation
  • Cryopreserved for an extended shelf life

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